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It's not a strange thing to have thousands of girls going crazy over an all-male English band. We’re all familiar with the craze surrounding The Beatles in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and many bands wouldn’t be where they are today without those legendary musicians. Now there is another British import causing a  worldwide frenzy: One Direction. They are nowhere near the magnitude of The Beatles, but there are some similarities between the two bands. The most notable likenesses being the ability to make girls scream, go crazy, throw items of clothing onto the stage, and now, unfortunately, have drama between the members.

Hailing from England, the original five member boy band group was formed by the famous music producer Simon Cowell. They each separately tried out for XFactor UK and when they all got eliminated, it was Simon’s idea to group them all together and have them continue the competition. This is how One Direction was formed. They finished third in the competition, but I think its safe to say they were the real winners. The band started blowing up everywhere on social media, as their fan base spread like wildfire. They recorded their first album under Simon Cowell’s label. “What Makes You Beautiful” is the song that solidified them as a heartthrob inducing boy band sensation. 


The boy band curse has unfortunately happened to them and they are down to four members. Zayn decided to leave in the middle of their big world tour at the beginning of the summer. The remaining boys are still working away though. Their new album comes out November 13th.


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