Today*s Star- Colbie Caillat


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 Colbie Caillat is the perfect example of never giving up until you succeed. She was rejected by American Idol not just once, but two times, and even used her own original song “Bubbly” for her 2nd try at the show- it didn’t work. But Colbie was discovered elsewhere-on her own, in a way. Her MySpace music page. Bubbly was the breakout song for Colbie and she became popular mostly by word of mouth, which is pretty incredible considering she is now  a Grammy Award winning artist who has sold millions of records worldwide. 


Colbie grew up in California and its very evident in her music. She has a laid back acoustic, feminine sound. After the release of her first album in 2007, Colbie toured with various artists including the Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer and Lifehouse. She then went on to release two more albums, one of which was a Christmas album with a lot of collaborations. Colbie also sang back up vocals for Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz. She was part of the winning team for Taylor Swift’s Album of the Year Grammy Award win. 


Colbie’s latest album is called Gypsy Heart. It’s very much her sound- but more complex and matured. She worked with a lot of songwriters and producers on this album and you can tell. One of my favorite songs on her new album is Try. It’s all about the pressures women face every day. It’s a very beautiful and uplifting song that everyone should listen to. She even goes make-up free in the music video!  






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