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Today*s Star-Christina Perri
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 If it wasn’t for the reality television show, “If You Think You Can Dance,” then Christina Perri may not have shot to fame like she did in 2010. “Jar of Hearts” is the song that was featured on the show and it is Christina’s first big hit. Before that, she was a struggling musician living in Los Angeles, waiting tables at a restaurant during the day, and recording music at night.


She grew up outside Philadelphia and her brother had a huge influence on her musical beginnings. He introduced her to all kinds of music and she eventually taught herself how to play the guitar just by watching a music video. She just kept playing, singing, and writing songs as she got older and moved to Los Angeles to pursue music at the age of 21.


Her story is kind of amazing because all it took was one TV episode to gain success. She was quickly picked up by a record label after “Jar of Hearts” was broadcasted on national television. Her song “A Thousand Years” is also on the Twilight  Saga: Breaking Dawn soundtrack.


She released her 2nd album, Head or Heart, last year and it’s very true to her form: emotional ballads that showcase her incredible voice. “Human” the leading single on the album.





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