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Today*s Star- Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift could retire, right now at the age 25, and still have one of the most impressive music careers of this era. She is a woman of many trades; having conquered multiple music genres (country, pop, and folk), acted in several different movies and, on top of it all,  participates in several philanthropic endeavors. This has all led to massive success, which includes more than 40 million albums sold, and being honored by two different songwriting organizations. Many people strive to accomplish those kinds of things in their lifetime, let alone before the age of 30. 


It was obvious to Taylor from an early age that she wanted to pursue music. She loved everything that had to do with singing and performing: musical theater, karaoke, and talent shows. She started playing the guitar when she was 12 years old ,and made demo tapes of her original songs, which she would send out to record labels.  Her family moved to Nashville when she was 13 so that she could pursue music full time.  She was signed by RCA Records the year before for their artist development program.  The rest is history. 


Taylor has released 5 albums, the most recent one being 1989. That one came out last year and it is completely different from anything else Taylor has done. She usually has a mix of country and pop songs on each album, but this one is exclusively pop. It is one of the biggest selling albums of 2014 & 2015. 



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