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What a year it’s been for Charlie Puth. If you said his name exactly one year ago, I would have no idea who that is. Now, he’s on the verge of releasing his debut album, AND he just picked up a Grammy nomination for his hit song with Wiz Khalifa - “See You Again”. The popularity of See You Again was definitely increased because of it being a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker in the most recent Fast & Furious movie, but it’s also very popular because it’s just a really good song. It was also a great introduction of Charlie Puth to the world. His vocals on it make it a hit.


Charlie Puth has had a very modern way of making it into the music industry. He grew up in New Jersey, went to a music high school in NYC and then Berklee College of Music in Boston. He became very popular on YouTube, and gained such a huge following that people started to notice, people like Ellen Degeneres. Ellen signed Charlie to her record label and then left in 2012 to sign with Atlantic Records. 


If 2015 was a good year for Charlie then I think 2016 is going to be even better. We’ll finally get his long-awaited album, Nine Track Mind. You already know the first single off of it: Marvin Gaye with Meghan Trainor. 

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