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Today*s Star- X Ambassadors
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Image: Steve Soyland

 If you haven’t heard X Ambassador’s hit song “renegades” yet, then have you been living under a rock!? Haha- just kidding, but I have heard it so much everywhere- in commercials, on the radio, in stores while I'm shopping.. everywhere! You may know it as the "hey hey hey" song, because they sing those three words a lot in it.


X Ambassadors is an up and coming alternative rock band from Ithaca, New York. There are four guys in the group and they all share a similar passion for hip hop music. They say that is their main influence, which is interesting, because I didn’t really hear that hip hop influence in their music at first and then I went back and listened and noticed it. It’s very subtle in a beautiful way. 


These guys are going to get big. Renegades was number one on the alternative and Top 40 charts.

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