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Today*s Star- Kelly Clarkson
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American Idol is known to churn out a lot of talent: Phillip Phillips, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and so on, but Kelly Clarkson stands apart from the rest of the winners. She is the first American Idol- the one that took the first honor from the reality series, and, considering how many albums sold and awards won, she is one of the most successful out of the group too. 


Kelly comes from an American Idol background, but she really has grown on her own into a huge artist in the music industry. Since her debut in 2002, she has released 6 albums (including her Christmas album) and many of her hit singles are some of the best selling songs ever. Stronger, Because of You, Since U Been Gone, Breakaway, A Moment Like this; those are just some of the examples of her successes. She has done so well that she has already been able to release a Greatest Hits album. Some artists haven’t been able to do that and they’ve been around much longer than Kelly. 


I think what is so appealing about Kelly is that she is just a girl next door. She grew up in Texas, moved to Los Angeles to try and “make it”, didn’t quite succeed, and returned back home. She even turned down two record deals because it just didn’t feel right for her and she didn’t want her creative control taken away. Kelly is someone who lives life on her own terms, and she is always true to herself. It’s refreshing to see that from a pop star.


It’s no doubt Kelly has massive talent. After performing in a high school talent show, someone told her she “was destined to sing”. I think that has proven to be true. She also loves dabbling in different musical genres. Being from Texas, she enjoys country music and has a popular following there. But she also loves hip-hop and rock, and tries to incorporate those elements into her music as well. 


Her latest album, Piece by Piece, is nominated for a Grammy for the Best Pop Vocal Album and her big hit, "Heartbreak Song" picked up a nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance. 2016 will be a great year for Kelly because her baby boy is due around February as well! 

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