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It was a song that almost anyone could relate to. Whether they were going through a bad break up, having family problems, or just soul searching, in general; "Say Something" is the powerful ballad that resonated with a lot of people all over the world. It's also the song that catapulted music duo A Great Big World into stardom. They even had a fan in acclaimed singer Christina Aguilera, who asked to duet on the song because she admired it so much. 


Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino met in college at New York University. They were music business majors, but quickly realized the musical performance talents of each other. Ian has a tremendous voice and Chad is an experienced pianist. Together, they formed A Great Big World and started working on their 2014 debut album, Is There Anybody Out There.


Their latest album came out a couple of months ago and the first single off of it is a great song. "Hold Each Other" is a beautiful, upbeat love song. They are playing at out next Michaels Jewelers Acoustic Session. Win tickets from Anna & Raven all this week!

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