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Today*s Star- Ed Sheeran
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I think it's time for Ed Sheeran to finally win his first Grammy Award. He has been nominated 10 times and still has not gotten his hands on one. This year is the year for Ed, I can feel it! His very popular song "Thinking Out Loud" is up for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance. He is also nominated for Album of the Year because of his collaboration on The Weeknd's album. 

Only 23 years old, Ed grew up in England singing in his church’s choir and writing music from a very young age. I think that’s what sets Ed apart from other artists- he is an extremely talented songwriter. Ed knew he wanted to be a professional musician so that’s pretty much what he focused on from the moment of realization. He attended music schools and moved to London to really get his career to take off. Through a combination of hard work playing small gigs around London, to word of mouth, Ed released his first single, “The A Team” in 2011. If you listen to that song now, you can hear how Ed’s music has evolved so much.

I’m excited to see what else Ed does. He is a very talented guy and I think his sound will just keep evolving, giving us a ton of great music in the future.  

Ed has hinted it is time for him to start on his next album. He will be recording the third one soon and we can expect it to be released this year! 



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