Today*s Star- Vance Joy

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You know you must have some kind of musical talent when you’re signed to a record label for a 5 album deal…and you haven’t even put out your first album yet. That’s exactly the case with Vance Joy. His first album "Dream Your Life Away" was released in 2015.


His first single, Riptide, was very popular and made him a household name. His second single, Mess is Mine, is also a great, relaxing song.  It sounds similar to Riptide because Vance Joy has a very recognizable style.    It’s hard to explain Vance Joy’s sound. His music is familiar and comforting, yet distinct and new-all at the same time. He reminds me of a hipster John Mayer mixed with James Taylor. 


Vance Joy, real name James Keogh, grew up in Australia. He actually was a semi-professional football player in Australia before pursuing music. He left the sport to carry out his true passion. It’s paid off pretty well for him. He’s a very likable guy too. Just super humble and endearing. He never expected Riptide to be as popular as it is now and is really excited to make more music for everyone to hear. He just wants to play good music for his fans.


He's on his own headlining tour now and will be performing next month at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre. Tickets are on sale now and you can enter to win on our site as well. 


His music videos are really cool too. They all have a Wes Anderson feel to them.  Mess is Mine:



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