Today*s Star- Gwen Stefani

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What is there to say about Gwen Stefani!? She’s a force. A trendsetter. A role model. She is a cultural influence and she does it almost effortlessly. Ever since her debut as the lead singer of No Doubt in the early nineties, Gwen has proven over and over again that she isn’t just another female lead singer-she’s an icon. One that has made a tremendous impact in several different realms- music, fashion, and philanthropy.

Gwen is a California girl, born and raised, and that has a lot to do with her whole persona. I remember her early days: short blonde hair that would sometimes be different, funky colors, fuzzy bikini tops, wide-legged pants, and very interesting make-up around her eyes. Quintessential nineties.

That’s also what’s cool about Gwen Stefani: we have seen her basically grow up and evolve into the woman she is today. She got married, has three children, has her own fashion line- L.A.M.B., and keeps releasing new music as a solo artist and with her band, No Doubt.

Gwen has gone through some personal difficulties in her life recently. The world was shocked when she seperated from her husband of more then a decade, Gavin Rossdale. But Gwen ended the year on a very HIGH note. She started dating her Voice co-star, Blake Shelton and got a little bit of musical revenge with her heartbreak hit, "Used To Love You". A very emotional ballad that is obviously about her ex.


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