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It’s been a long road for Justin Bieber. We saw him grow up, gain success, fall in love, and go through some troubles in his coming of age.


Now it seems as if Justin has reached the other side of his journey and his new album is a reflection of that. The fourth album, called “Purpose” came out last fall and he already has three hit songs from it- What Do You Mean, Sorry, and Love Yourself.  


It’s amazing to think about the fact that Justin Bieber is only 21 years old. He’s been in the public eye since a very early age. He was actually discovered on YouTube and started recording his first album at the age of 13. You do have to give Justin some credit- he is very musically talented and has a great voice. He has a come long way in the past 5 years. We saw him go through the regular “teenage rebellion” thing and Justin has matured. He even talked about these troubles and apologized for being a jerk in the past.


I think Justin’s career is going to have lasting power and his new music is proof of that. His Purpose World Tour is starting this year and tickets are very expensive- just a sign that the "Beliebers" are alive and well.



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