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Her nickname is Queen Bey, and it’s very fitting- considering she is one of the best selling artists of all time, has some of the highest- grossing world tours around, and people just have an overall fascination with her and her family.


Beyonce is a native of Texas, and has been performing since she was a little girl. Her dad started her young and they formed the girl group Destiny’s Child, which is also regarded as one of the most successful girl groups of all time. There seems to be a trend here with Beyonce- everything she does has a certain level of success attached to it.


During the height of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce decided to step out on her own and release solo albums. 2003 we got Dangerously in Love which had the song, Crazy in Love, on it. This definitely solidified her as a bonafide solo artist. Destiny’s Child was disbanded and Beyonce continued on with her own career. 


5 albums later, Beyonce has only gotten better. Her latest album, self-tilted Beyonce, broke several records. It was the first “visual” album to be released. This means each song had accompanying music videos, making it more of a multimedia art work than just an album. Beyonce also released it secretly. She did not do any press beforehand or announce that it was coming out. She just put it on iTunes and everyone went crazy about it. Just goes to show how trendsetting she is. It was nominated for "Album of the Year" for the Grammy's but lost to Beck last year. This just makes me wonder what her next album is going to be like. That seems like a hard album to top.

  Pepsi has confirmed Beyonce will be joining Coldplay for their Super Bowl Halftime Show, which is VERY exciting. 

Beyonce- XO music video, filmed in Coney Island Brooklyn:


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