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If you asked The Fray how they came up with their name, they’ll tell you right back they let a random fan give them their moniker. Yes, a fan. They were playing at a bar at the beginning of their career, and they didn’t really know what to call themselves. So they made it into a game. All of the people watching them in the bar wrote something down on a piece of paper, put it into a hat, and the band picked one out. The Fray was born. Good thing they ended up really liking the name!


What really solidified The Fray’s success was the use of their song, “How to Save a Life” in the TV show, Grey’s Anatomy in 2005. The show was really popular at that time and the song blew up overnight. That was off their debut album, How to Save a Life, and their first single off of it, “Over my Head (Cable Car)” was very popular too.


The Fray has a powerful, piano-enriched sound that reminds people of Coldplay but leaning more towards pop. They have released four albums, the latest being Helios, in 2014. Helios showed a different side to The Fray. Now their sound is more edgy and I think they’re experimenting with different kinds of musical influences. 

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