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Today*s Star - Jess Glynne
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If you already know who Jess Glynne is, then you probably love her. If you don’t know who she is, well I guarantee you are going to love her REAL soon. The reason for loving Jess Glynne is simple: her voice is AMAZING!

You may have already heard her sing: she was featured on the wildly popular song, “Rather Be” from Clean Bandit. Jess is already a bonafide hit maker in her home of the UK. She has had 5 #1 singles in the UK, the most recent one being, “Hold My Hand”, which is finally getting some recognition in the U.S.


I guess it’s okay the U.S. has taken so long to pay attention to Jess Glynne, because we are really digging her now!  If you are a big fan of EDM (electronic dance music) then you may have hard “Hold My Hand” months ago. The dance remix of the song is very popular.


Jess Glynne just seems really cool too, like you want to go to a pub and have beers with her. She is gorgeous and has this awesome head of red, curly hair, which makes her stand out in the sea of pop stars.


Her voice too…. YOU GOTTA HEAR HER SING! It will almost stop you in your tracks (that’s what happened to me when I heard her for the first time). If you want to see her perform live, she has a concert nex week in NYC.


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