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What else is there to say about the QUEEN!? Adele came out with her highly anticipated album 25 in November and the world was ready with open arms, so much so that Adele set new records everywhere. Her 1st single off 25, "Hello" just hit a billion views on YouTube. It only took 88 days for that to happen (another new record). The album was #1 for 7 weeks straight on the Billboard Charts. It's safe to say that Adele's 'comeback' has been VERY successful.  And to think she was nervous to release more music. She thought nobody would care!

Adele is from England and was discovered through the website MySpace. In 2006 her friend posted her demo there and she was offered a recording contract shortly after. She’s released two albums so far, 19 and 21, both corresponding with the age she recorded it. The album 21 won 6 Grammy Awards for her including  the coveted, Album of the Year. 

I think what is so likable about Adele is that she is so immensely talented, but relatable and down to earth-all at the same time. She only wants to make good music for her fans and just be herself while doing it. A lot of her songs deal with relationships, love, and heartbreak. Just human experience, in general, that I think people appreciate. She’s also hilarious (British humor) and very secure in her own skin. 

Adele's world tour starts next month. You can enter to win tickets here

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