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Today*s Star- Walk The Moon
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There’s something uniquely different about the band Walk the Moon that is strangely appealing. They are a refreshing act to have in the pop music scene , and it’s evident that people are really enjoying their distinctive music and performance style. It has now become a tradition for the band to wear face paint at their concerts and they always pass out the paint to people in the audience. I love that kind of interaction, where the audience feels more of an intimate connection with the people who are entertaining them. That’s how you grow your fan base and make them stay. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Walk The Moon


They started as an indie rock band in Ohio and worked their way up to being recognized. Their first album was independently released and definitely got them noticed. Their leading song, Anna Sun, had a popular music video attached to it and it was featured on some TV shows, Vampire Diaries being one of them.


Their 2nd album came out in December 2014 and the first single off of it, Shut Up and Dance is  a huge hit song. It is inspire by the 80’s decade and you can tell. It’s a fun, catchy song. Their 2nd single is called  Different Colors, and it is equally amazing and catchy!

It's also a cool music video. All shot on their recent tour!



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