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John Mayer is basically Connecticut’s hometown hero. He was born in Bridgeport, and raised in Fairfield. One of his first songs, “No Such Thing” has the lyrics “I wanna run through the halls of my high school” which is a reference to his alma mater, Fairfield High School. His Connecticut roots go deep too- his dad was also the principle of Bridgeport High School. So it was no wonder when this good-looking guitar player came onto the music scene in 2000, that he would instantly become a hit not only in his home state of CT, but across the country.


John became fascinated with the guitar around the age of 13. He has said he was never really a “nerd” or “jock” in high school, but just kind of “forgettable”, so he would go straight home after school and practice the guitar for 6 hours straight. He went to college in Boston-Berklee School of Music- but quickly dropped out because he knew he just wanted to make it big and not wait until graduation. 


The rest is kind of history. He started performing in little shows and his popularity gained momentum. This brought the attention of record labels and he was signed. John has had an incredible career: six albums and seven Grammy Awards. He has re-invented his sound over the years and he’s more than just a guitar-playing pretty boy. He is a hugely talented musician with a lot of influence on the industry as a whole. 


John Mayer recently instagrammed a video from a recording studio and it seems like we are going to get some new music from him soon. John Mayer will also be performing at Bonaroo in June. 




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