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When I first heard the song “Stolen Dance”, my head started bopping, and I couldn’t help but to pretend I was playing the drums. That’s how infectiously good this song is. I also like to call it the “ultimate driving song”, because it’s a great tune to listen to when you’re driving around Connecticut (trust me- try it!). What is amazing about the song though, is that it was written for fun and uploaded to YouTube. From there, it became viral and is now a global hit. 


The song is by German music duo Milky Chance. They describe their sound as pop-rock with reggae and electronic influences, which makes it pretty unique. The two musicians in the group are Phillipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein, and they made their success all on their own. They were just hanging out one day and experimenting with music. Their rise to fame happened exclusively because of word of mouth on the internet. “Sadneccessary" is their first album, it was self-produced, and released in 2013.


Stolen Dance is a great song and I think these guys have a lot of potential. Have a listen and I’m sure you’ll agree! 



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