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Not only is Ellie Goulding a talented musician and singer, she’s also a marathon runner, is best friends with  Lorde, and was the matchmaker for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

Ellie grew up in England, her real name is Elena Jane Goulding and she loved making music since she was very little. In school, she played the clarinet and guitar, and did musical theater. She even played the Scarecrow in her school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. Around the same time as that she began writing her own songs.It wasn’t until college did Ellie start to get noticed by people in the music industry. She entered into a singing competition and won first place. A producer from London was there watching, and immediately told her to quit school and move to London.

  She started getting popular in the U.S. with her 2010 song, Lights. It was played a lot the summer of 2010 and a lot of very good remixes of it came out too. She toured with Passion Pit and Dave Matthews Band that year too.

 Ellie came out with her next album, Halycon, 2 years later. It had mixed reviews at first, but it was  massively popular album and gave us the songs: Burn, Anything Can Happen, and I Need Your Love. 


This year she had the successful hit from the 50 Shades of Grey movie "Love Me Like You Do", which did very well internationally AND she was nominated for her first Grammy award for it. 

Ellie finally came out with her new album last fall and the hit song from it is "On My Mind". 




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