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Mumford and sons is a folk rock band from England, and is said to be credited for "bringing banjo back". Their bluegrass-rock style of music grabbed attention ever since their start in 2007. They say the soundtrack for "O, Brother Where Art Thou" was a huge early influence on their sound. Now they're recognized as one of the biggest bands in the industry and are highly influential in the realm of music. 


It's almost amazing that a band formed in 2007, would win numerous prestigious awards about 5 years later. Their 2012 album, Babel, won Album of the Year at the 2013 Grammys. The group is made up of four guys: Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall, Ted Dwane, and Ben Lovett. Fun fact- Ben Lovett is actually featured on Ellie Goulding's"Lights" album as well. 


Their first album, "Sigh No More" was released in the UK in 2009, and the band quickly became popular after that. It wasn't until “Babel”, though, did they reach international success. After those two albums, and numerous awards, the band decided to take a break and just relax for a little bit. This prompted many to make up break up rumors, but that was not the case at all. They just really wanted to focus on themselves for a bit and then come back with an amazing album. They certainly delivered!

They released their latest  album, Wilder Mind last year and it is more of an electric rock and roll sound, but still Mumford through and through. 

A lot of people were upset that Mumford & Sons weren't nominated for any Grammy's this year, calling it a "snub". 




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