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When an artist can give you goosebumps, you know they're the real deal.

Wrabel, with his melodic and deep singing voice, paired with his intense lyrics - he can reach listeners in a way that speaks to their very soul.  It sounds deep, but there's no other way to describe how Wrabel makes us feel.  And it's a LOT.  His song "11 Blocks" echoes of a story anyone can relate to. 

Although he's being hailed as a new artist, Wrabel has been in the music scene since 2012.  Mostly, he contrinuted his amazing lyric writing skills to other artists, like Ellie Goulding, Pentatonix, Phillip Phillips, Adam Lambert, and DJ Afrojack.  The latter's song, Ten Feet Tall, was so well-received, Bud Light used it in one of their Super Bowl commercials in 2014.  With Wrabel performing an acoustic version on the piano.

Because of that, he was deemed HuffPo's "Artist to Watch" that year.

Now out with his own music, "11 Blocks" is really starting to turn heads.  A huge help to Kesha, who urged all her followers to support his music as soon as the album dropped.

Although this song is getting mad requests, it's still too soon to figure out how it's charting.  We'll let you know, though!  In the meantime, join us at Brewport in Bridgeport this Sunday for the next Star 99.9 Michael's Jewelers Acoustic Session with... WRABEL!



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