Today*s Star - The Chainsmokers

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And here we thought these guys were just a novelty act.

Come on, we all remember "#Selfie" and thought to ourselves: why is this song a thing?  It's so annoying!

What The Chainsmokers, an American DJ duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, accomplished with that song, was proving they can come up with a catchy beat and make a song up about anything.

Each of their followup singles continued to place higher and higher on the charts.  "Roses" peaked at #6 on the Billboard Charts while "Don't Let Me Down" peaked at #3. 

Now with their latest collab with Halsey, they're just getting bigger.  That song peaked at #1 and is already RIAA certified 2x platinum!  It is also inching closer to reaching 400 million views on YouTube

Fun to think these guys got their start remixing alternative hits and are now creating their own!


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