Today*s Star- Imagine Dragons

They only came onto the music scene about 3 years ago, but are already recognized as one of the most popular rock bands in the nation, and arguably, the world. Night Visions was their 2012 debut album and it gave us four hit songs: Radioactive, It’s Time, Demons, and On Top of The World. As soon as Imagine Dragons started playing, there was a tremendous buzz about them. MTV called them the “breakout band of the year” and their song Radioactive took a high honor of Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Biggest Rock Hit of the Year”. That’s pretty impressive for having only released their debut album. A lot of bands work hard for many years and don’t come close to that kind of recognition.


The band formed in Las Vegas in 2008 with some of the members meeting in college and the rest joining on through word of mouth recruitment. "It’s Time" was the song that really put the band on the map. Their first single, it quickly climbed the Billboard charts after its 2012 release and made people pay attention to this new rock band.


I think what’s so appealing about Imagine Dragons is that they write great music for a large spectrum of people. They know music lovers want something that will make them want to bob their hands and tap their feet. That’s exactly what they strive for in their music. Something that will go beyond boundaries and will just make you want to listen. Judging from their success, I think they achieved that. 


Their latest album is Smoke + Mirrors and the popular song from it, is "I Bet My Life". It's dedicated to lead singer Dan Reynold's parents. He said that even though they have gone through their ups and downs, his parents have always been there for him throughout it all.  They are playing at Foxwoods Casino on New Years Eve which sounds like it's going to a very fun show. Tickets on sale now.