Today*s Star- Daft Punk

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They have a reason they dress up like robots!  Think Sia..

On a side note, they do this to add "effect" to their music, claiming that seeing robots is "more exciting than seeing human faces".  However, the real reason why they donned the masks and gloves is because they wanted to keep their private lives separate from their professional lives.  It worked to their benefit because people only associate the robots with their music!

The duo has risen to fame, especially in 2013, because of their Grammy Award winning album, Random Access Memories, as well as the Record of the Year, Get Lucky. 

The two guys who make up Daft Punk are Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. They met at school in Paris and started making demo tapes with each other. One year they attended a party and passed along their demo tape to a record label executive. The rest is history.

They have been nominated for 40 awards and have won 13 of them.


Daft Punk is known for combining audio and visual elements together, whether it be a live performance or a music video. Watch the music video for "Get Lucky" , you may also recognize a familar face: 



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