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She is the OFFICIAL headliner of the Super Bowl halftime show.

Come on, did you have any doubt in your mind that would happen?  Her rendition of the National Anthem was SO GOOD she nearly beat Whitney Houston. 

Gaga is a hit machine and one of the best-selling artists of our time.  She has sold over 146 million records worldwide.  She also set twelve Guinness World Records, and has won six Grammy Awards!

She is also a huge advocate for LGBTQA rights and is staunchly anti-bullying.  She is also noted for her philanthropy,

With a new album, Joanne, finally out - we now know the special meaning behind it.  It's named after her aunt, Joanne, who died before she was born.  Joanne was 19 when she passed, so the album is about living her life to the fullest to honor those who didn't get to experience life fully.



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