Today*s Star - Sia

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Sia's beginning to hint that her wig days are coming to an end...

As much as she loves driving the media crazy and all the privacy she gets by obscuring her face... she knows it can't last forever.  She admits it's a gimmick and once the public gets sick of it, she'll ditch it.  But for now, she's enjoying it!   Sia says she started wearing a wig because she is vehemently against the media obsessing over people's looks.  So, she covers her face and forces all of us to focus on her voice and nothing else.


It's a message we love to get behind because, honestly, Sia's voice is MIND BLOWING.  By refusing to show her face, all we talk about is how fantastic her songs are.  And how we can never sing along because her range is redic.

She's been on the music scene for a long time and collaborated on some major songs, like Wild Ones and Titanium.   Now, with her amazing new album "This Is Acting," she's gracefully adapted to her mega stardom and we hope she does't go anywhere!

 Her latest album enjoyed a major comeback on the iTunes charts now that she released "Cheap Thrills."  That song is 2x Platinum and is #1 in several charts in America.  What can we say, we love Sia and hope she never stops making music!


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