Today*s Star - Britney Spears

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It's Britney, b---

The pop princess now turned pop QUEEN continues to dazzle the world with her catchy songs, amazing dance moves, and mom power.  She has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, over 100 million singles, and nearly 5 million concert tickets... meaning she is one of the best-selling artists of all time.  No, seriously, she leaves Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga in the dust. 

She continues to be a powerhouse with her successful Vegas residency and has been ranked in 8th overall in top artists of the decade. She is also the 8th best female artist in America... which is a pretty big deal since this is an "of all time" gig.  She is one of a handful of artists in history to have a number one single and studio album in each of the three decades of their career—1990s, 2000s, and 2010s! 

Also, she received the Millennium Award at the Billboard Music Awards, making her the 3rd person to earn it. 



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