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Rumor has it, they're coming back next year.


Hailing from England, the original five member boy band group was formed by the famous music producer Simon Cowell. They each separately tried out for XFactor UK and when they all got eliminated, it was Simon’s idea to group them all together and have them continue the competition. This is how One Direction was formed. They finished third in the competition, but I think its safe to say they were the real winners.

 I mean, they had one of the best selling tours in HISTORY!  282 MILLION in 2014!  Their most recent album has also sold over 20 million albums!

The boy band curse has unfortunately happened to them and they are down to four members. Zayn decided to leave in the middle of their big world tour last year with the boys announcing a hiatus a couple months later.

But don't despair!  After pursuing solo careers, the boys will definitely be back.



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