Today*s Star - Ariana Grande

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No, Ariana Grande is not Spanish.  Not even a little,  Actually, she's extremely Italian.

She is also too talented for words!  I mean, on Jimmy Fallon's Wheel of Musical Impressions - she could sound pretty much like anyone!  Britney Spears?  Check!  Christina Aguilera?  Check!  Celine Dion?  You betcha!

She is a vocal chameleon, on top of being an amazing actress AND a witty comedian.  Have you seen her on SNL?  She also has one of the most powerful voices in the music industry.

She has left her Nickelodeon days behind and is embracing a career where she gets to call the shots. 

Her new album, Dangerous Woman, is out now and is killing it on the iTunes charts.


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