Today*s Star - Sia

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You'll be hearing her voice in the brand new My Little Pony movie that hits theaters this October.

She won't be the only guest voice actress in that movie either: so will Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, Zoe Saldana, Uzo Abduba, and Taye Diggs!

She'll be playing the character Songbird Serenade, a pegasus and rising pop star in Equestria.  The entire character was designed around her wig and giant bows, too!  How cool is that?

And on the topic of wigs, sia wears them because she knows that, at 40, the media will scrutinize her appearance.  So, to make sure everyone pays attention to just her voice, she decided to obscure her face using giant wigs. 

It's a message we love to get behind because, honestly, Sia's voice is MIND BLOWING.  By refusing to show her face, all we talk about is how fantastic her songs are.  And how we can never sing along because her range is redic.

Plus, it means she can go grocery shopping and no one will the wiser.  It's a total win-win for her.

She's been on the music scene for a long time and collaborated on some major songs, like Wild Ones and Titanium.   Now, with her amazing new album "This Is Acting," she's gracefully adapted to her mega stardom and we hope she does't go anywhere!

 Her latest album enjoyed a major comeback on the iTunes charts now that she released "The Greatest."  That song is 2x Platinum and peaked in the top 5 on charts all over the world.  What can we say, we love Sia and hope she never stops making music!



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