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Ocean Park Standoff happened out of pure coincidence.  And magic.  The three members met during a songwriting jam and discovered how well they clicked together.  They're comprised of English musician/DJ Samantha Ronson (sister of Mark Ronson who made Uptown Funk,) classically trained American vocalist/songwriter Ethan Thompson, and dummer/producer Pete Nappi.  They haven't been around for long, only recently forming in 2016.

But, these guys know how to make waves with their first single "Good News" which is a major earworm with its whimsical sound and smart lyrics.  Plus, Third Eye Blind liked them so much, they're going on tour together this summer!  I know, that's major!

Their music is drescribed as "pop sunshine" because of the way their songs make you feel.  Considering all the negativity in the news and world, these guys are like a breath of fresh air.  Also, the band genuinely likes each other, which comes across in their upbeat and funny interviews.  Each person clicks together so well despite that they're each polar opposites of each other.

But, you can't have it any other way.  They mesh so well together!  Here's to many more years of Ocean Park Standoff!




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