Today* Star - James Arthur

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It was such a treat having him at a Michael's Jeweler's Acoustic Session!  He blew us away!!

Winning X Factor UK in 2012, James Arthur is considered one of the best finalists of all time.   He has amassed hundreds of millions of hits on YouTube and his fanbase absolutely adores him.   He is, hands down, the most successful winner in the show's history.

James knew he wanted to be a singer since he was 15 and wrote a series of songs before drumming up the nerve to perform in front of Simon Cowell.   You can thank his sister for lighing that particular fire under his butt... otherwise he never would have gotten the gall to try out on the world's biggest stage in front of the world's biggest critics.

But, the rest was history.  His song, Say You Won't Let Go, continues to be one of the biggest wedding songs of the year, too!



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