Today* Star - Charli XCX

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You wouldn’t expect anything ordinary from an artist who got their start on MySpace and illegal warehouse raves in England.

She is THE party girl of the music industry.  And for good reason, too. 

That is exactly why Charli XCX is so different than the traditional pop star. Her music has more of a hard, electric edge but yet still maintains that feminine frivolity so often found in mainstream pop music.  Plus, she exudes an aura of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." 

Born Charlotte Emma Atchinson in the UK, she began her career as a young songwriter at the age of 14. Her parents have always been very supportive of her, so they helped launch her career and put out her first album. After exposing it on MySpace, it caught the attention of a "raver" who had her perform at various music shows around England. Her parents would attend these raves with her since she was underage and the parties were illegal most of the time. 

She didn’t really reach fame until she collaborated with Swedish music duo Icona Pop. Charli XCX is the songwriter behind their 2013 summer hit, “I Love it”. Charli also helped write Iggy Azalea’s big hit, “Fancy”. 

She then skyrocketed to fame in 2013 with her massive hit “Boom Clap," which she wrote it for the movie, The Fault in Our Stars.  Charli said she was "surprised" Boom Clap became bigger than the movie it was meant for and "is humbled by all the support".