Today*s Star - Sam Hunt

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He's one of the few country stars that can pull off a crossover act!

He got America to pay attention to him for his smash hit "Take Your Time," and his followup "Break Up In a Small Town."  Funny to think this guy almost became an NFL-pro.

Yeah, he was almost a professional athlete.  But, the music spoke to him and he followed his heart, which spawned a massive career for him.  Probably, a career with a lot less concussions and lower health insurance premiums.

He wrote songs for country titans Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and Reba McEntire - so he had the chops to make a career work for him.    Sam Hunt is also the first country music artist in 22 years, after Billy Ray Cyrus, to reach the top of three country music charts simultaneously.  That's nuts!  It also shows just how catchy his songs truly are.

 He is also the first solo male artist to land four number ones on the Country Airplay chart from a debut studio album.

He is engaged to marry Hannah Lee Fowler, who he's been dating off and on since 2008.  Sorry ladies!

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