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Today*s Star - Carly Rae Jepsen
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She has over 1.4 BILLION views on YouTube!  That's crazy!

Hard to think that she competed on Canadian Idol in 2007 as an indy/jazz singer and came in 3rd place.  Wait, she wasn't the winner or singing pop music back then?  Despite that, she's probably one of the most successful reality singing competitors ever - even putting some American Idol winners to shame!

Overall, she comes across as the person you want to hang out witH.  She comes across as approachable, fun, and carefree.  Quite possibly, if you could pick any celebrity to go with you to an amusement park - you should pick Carly.  She would be a blast to hang out with.  Plus, she's really good at taking selfies.

"Call Me Maybe" was the biggest song in the world in 2012.  it still continues to be one of the biggest songs on Star 99.9.  It also boosted her record sales to over 20 million worldwide.

Now, she's stepping back from the pop-scene and going back to embracing her musical roots. 



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