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Today*s Star - Selena Gomez
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You just can’t help but feel really proud of her.

Selena Gomez started out as a child actor in Barney & Friends and on The Disney Channel show, The Wizards of Waverly Place. She was a tremendous talent from the time she hit the small screen. But now Selena is past those younger days and is one of the biggest pop stars.

She grew up in Texas and was always fascinated with the entertainment world because of her actress mother. Selena starred in a lot of different things growing up: childrens' TV shows, commercials, and movies. Towards the end of her very popular acting career on The Disney Channel, she wanted to make the crossover into music.

I think what makes Selena so likable is that she is so relatable. She’s dealt with regular coming of age issues like getting over your first love, finding your own identity and voice, and trying to make it in your career.  Best of all, she’s open to talk about it, which is a great example to people dealing with the same things. It's refreshing to have someone be so honest about themselves in the public sphere.

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