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Today*s Star - Andy Grammer
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Music's 'Good Guy' is also one of the coolest around!

Andy Grammer's latest album "Magazines or Novels" is now certified Gold!  His single "Honey I'm Good" is also certified 3x Platinum.  Andy credits his success due to his positive lyrics and that people are tired of hearing songs where the singer goes home with another woman - so hearing a song about temptation and resisting it really struck a chord with many.

Plus, ontop of doing great studio work, Andy's live performances are a must-see event! Did you see his moves on 'Dancing With The Stars'? He could dance circles around Raven, Meg, AND Begley.  As for beating Anna?  That is a match we have to see!

Check out his Star 99.9 Michael's Jewler's Acoustic Session HERE

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