Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Gertie!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Gertie!

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals- Gertie is a very special little lady!

She is about 10 years old and 13lbs, an all white chi mix.

She has some quickly looks- her toes nails are crooked, her tongue comes out because she doesn’t have many teeth and her hind legs are bow legged… now its important to know that Gertie has no idea she looks any different from other dogs, she is confident and happy, playful and active – she loves to go walk and loves to chase doggie friends!

The only thing Gertie needs help with is lost of stairs or steep stairs and jumping those the only thing that keeps her from being all dog- but thats an fix because you can get a cushion ramp for the couch and she is tiny enough to carry up and down stairs.

More information about Gertie is at Red Leash RescueJay Raven