Today’s STAR- Backstreet Boys

Today’s STAR- Backstreet Boys

They’ve been dominating the music scene for more than 20 years, and have their own residency in Las Vegas, the Backstreet Boys are proven to have staying power!

Formed back in 1993, the band has had a constant core of members, with all but one staying through the entire life of the band.

They first performed in SeaWorld of all places in 1993, and started getting more and more traction, eventually releasing their first album “Backstreet Boys.” in 1996.


Even now, more than 20 years after their birth, the guys are still going strong. Their music still rises to the top of the charts whenever they put a new song out! The internet exploded when they released this gem last year

And then again when they traded in their famous side by side dancing for a look at what they do with their families in “No Place” less than 2 weeks ago

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