Today’s STAR- Dua Lipa

Today’s STAR- Dua Lipa

She started out recording covers of songs on Youtube as a teenager like Pink and Nelly Furtado when she was 14, and Dua Lipa was hooked from that moment on with the dreams of becoming a star!

When she released her single “Be The One” in 2015, she was on the top of the charts in several different countries.

Since then, her song New Rules sent her to a different level of fame. That song was one of the biggest in the world, rivaling Adele’s “Hello” in the United Kingdom.

Dua has done her own tours, including a world tour where she opened up for Bruno Mars, and her own tour where she actually came to Connecticut, to Wallingford last year!

She’s rumored to be releasing new music relativity soon, with an announcement on Twitter that something big is coming.

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