Today’s STAR- Maddie Poppe

Today’s STAR- Maddie Poppe

Maddi Poppe has quite possibly the best music origin story of all time. She’s from a very small town, Clarksville Iowa, population 1,500.

When she was young, she sang at the fairs that were held around her town, along with talent shows in the area.

Maddi actually tried out for “The Voice” in 2016, but none of the judges at the time judged her worthy to continue in the contest.

When she tried out for American Idol two years later, she honestly never expected to get as far as she possibly did.

Maddi was quoted as saying “This sounds terrible, but I don’t want to go into things with super high hopes because then, obviously, I would be super let down of it doesn’t work out.”

Her first single since winning American Idol is “Made You Miss” and it’s incredibly catchy. She actually went back to American Idol to plug it, but they did her dirty and cut away to commercial before she could say the name of the album.

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