Today’s STAR- Khalid

Today’s STAR- Khalid

Khalid is only in his early 20’s, but he’s already proven to be one of the top artists of the last 10 years.

When he started posting his early music on Soundcloud and Twitter, he rapidly gained a following, he was just a senior in high school when his first single “Location” dropped!

The song went EVERYWHERE. It was used in  different publications, Time, Yahoo, Buzzfeed.

Khalid didn’t stop there, but released another hit a year later in “Young Dumb and Broke” That scored him a 21 show tour, which he sold out every single show of, and got a remix with Imagine Dragons.

That remix was actually performed live at the 2017 AMA’s and it was really something to watch.

Khalid dropped his newest album in March of 2019 called Free Spirit, and that got him to be the biggest streamed artist on Spotify of all time..with 50.4 million listens monthly!

Talk was teased by Khalid in January because he posted a clip of himself listening and jamming out to it in his car!

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