Today’s STAR- Camilla Cabello

Today’s STAR- Camilla Cabello

Camilla got her start in the pop group 5th Harmony, formed on the set of X Factor!

Her split from  the group was one of the most talked about splits in pop culture. There was some bad beef between her and the rest of the group, including some messiness at the VMA’s where the remainder of the group pushed a fake Camilla off the stage.

Camilla’s first single was a SMASH hit, called “Havana”

That song skyrocketed her past the remainder of the group (and may of actually caused some more friction between the remaining people)

Her next song, “Never Be The Same” released the following year, was named the 4th Best Song of 2018!

She just released a song with Shawn Mendes “Senorita” that some people think that they’re actually together!

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