Today’s STAR- Beyonce

Today’s STAR- Beyonce

Queen B. Bey. The Queen. Sasha Fierce. Now Nala from the Lion King. Whatever you call Beyonce, she is the pinnacle of music. The highest earning black artist in history. Part of an iconic group in Destiny’s Child.

She got her start in Destiny’s Child in 1996, and their very first song “Killing Time” was used for the soundtrack to the hit film Men in know, that tiny film with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Once Beyonce struck out on her own, her first song, ironically was on a Jay-Z feature in 2003, and it just blew up from there. They recorded “Crazy in Love” together, which gave her the first number one hit!

The Sasha Fierce age brought in one of the most influential dances of all time…the Single Ladies dance!

And of course, the Lemonade era. Don’t cheat on Beyonce. E-V-E-R.

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