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Guilty Pleasure Songs

We all have a musician or song we listen to that is outside of what you typically listen to. Can you guess what Anna & Raven’s are?!Continue Reading

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We finally got a winner for the jackpot! Congratulations to Tracy for taking home the $1,100 jackpot! The jackpot resets to $100 for tomorrow mornings Can’t Beat Raven!Continue Reading


Foot Hole?!

It isn’t easy to stump Raven while playing Can’t Beat Raven, but it’s always great to poke fun at his verbal mishaps!Continue Reading


The More You Know!

After having some trouble with remembering which side she her gas cap in her car, a listener called in and informed her a easy way to remember which side it is…Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Cars, Little Arguments And Credit Due

Monday September 21st, 2020 According to a new study, women and men are more likely to be into someone depending on the type of car they drive…We have the list of which cars people find appealing! (0:00) Did you do something over the weekend that you weren’t recognized for? Get the credit you deserve with…Continue Reading


It Wasn’t What We Were Hoping For…

A friend lent Anna a UV light wand that supposedly helps disinfect areas and kill off bacteria…We hoped it would show us all the germs, not get rid of them! Do you think it actually works?Continue Reading

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