:60 Behind The Scenes

Storm in the coast of Florida

Power Problems

With a big storm, power outages can certainly follow! Anna & raven share the ONE item they would keep power going to if such a situation arises.Continue Reading


You Call That A Two!?

Anna isn’t exactly pleased with the way Raven writes out the number two. What do you think? Does it look legible and ok to you, or was Anna write to correct it?Continue Reading

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What Do Anna & Raven Do After A Show Wraps?

What do Anna & Raven do exactly once the show is over at 10 Am? A listener had asked the question so we give the answer! Feel free to ask the next fan question via our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter! Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading


Can You Hula Hoop?

You know you are young if you can still cartwheel or hula hoop. We wanted to see if Anna & Raven could hula hoop, especially after Raven claims he has “magic hips”.Continue Reading


Raven Vs Sub

Raven claimed he could eat an entire 16 inch sub in one sitting, so Anna put him to the test! Here is the time lapse video of Ravens glorious victory!Continue Reading

Thermometer Sun high Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures

Trying To Beat the Heat..

It’s been hot and it’s going to continue to stay hot for the days following. Raven thinks he has a great idea for beating the heat and keeping yourself cool. Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading