:60 Behind The Scenes


Real Or Fake Diamonds?!

Anna purchased an item called the “Diamond Selector 2” to test if the diamonds in her wedding ring and earrings are actually real. What do you think she ended up discovering? Find out right here!Continue Reading


Always Have It With You?!

What do you always take with you when you are out and about? Anna has a full bag of things she says she needs to have with her when she goes out! Check out what it all is!Continue Reading


Where Is All The Fall Foliage?!

Ann & Raven are a bit upset at all the green that is still on the trees! Where is all the fall foliage?! Is it getting colorful in your neighborhood yet, or do you still see nothing but green?Continue Reading


Clean Out

Anna & Raven did some cleaning of their cabinets today and ended up finding some interesting things tucked deep away…Continue Reading

Handmade Wedding Sign

Underground Man Cave

After a Man Cave was found under Grand Central Terminal, three MTA workers got in so big trouble for it! Do Anna & Raven have their own private nooks in their house?Continue Reading