:60 Behind The Scenes


Your “Go To” Picture Pose

Taking pictures can be pretty awkward! How do you stand? Should you smile? Are you dressed well enough for a photo? Anna & Raven show you their “go to” picture pose, and even mimic each others!Continue Reading


Infomercial Products

Anna tests out the mask bracket! A nifty little device that goes under your mask and makes breathing easier while exercising, allows you to speak more clearly, prevents “maskne” and more! Does it work though?Continue Reading


Raven’s Manicure

Raven told us on air that he gets manicures and pedicures done, and he is overdue for them! Can Anna (safely) trim his cuticles?!Continue Reading


Check Out The New Shirts!

We got some brand new Can’t Beat raven shirts! What do you think? Play Can’t Beat raven every weekday at 8:10am for your shot at a cash prize! You will win a sweet Can’t Beat Raven shirt just for playing!Continue Reading


The More You Know!

Did you know that the Barbie doll actually has a full name?! We don’t just give away cash when we play Can’t Beat Raven, we also teach you something you may haven’t known before!Continue Reading


It’s Present Time!

It’s present day here in the studio and Anna got Raven a fancy new hat! Only issue is, the feather that goes with it didn’t get mailed in time. How does Raven look?Continue Reading


One More Day…

Tomorrow is the last day for “Can’t Beat Raven” until January 4th. Will someone win the $1,300 or will the jackpot carry over into the new year?!Continue Reading