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  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Cottonball!
    Cottonball is an 11-month-old rabbit who has been waiting for a home in our Westport location for some time now. She’s a very sweet, loving rabbit. Due to her size, she’s going to need to live in a home where she’ll be able to free roam. She was found as a stray by Stamford animal…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Met Freya!
    Meet Freya! She is a 5-month-old Labrador retriever mix, and she is available for adoption at the Westport location of the Connecticut Humane Society. Here are some notes on the type of home she is looking for!  ~I can live in a single-family home, condos and apartments considered.~I have not had much experience with children…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Petunia!
    Petunia is a 4-month-old Boxer mix who has the best disposition! She loves every dog she meets and just wants to play, play, play. She has a tail that is constantly wagging and an outgoing personality. She’ll make a fantastic addition to a family who wants a happy-go-lucky, friendly sweetheart. You can find out more…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Meow!
    This is Meow. She’s two years old and was found in an abandoned business. She was pregnant and went to foster to have her babies. Now they have been adopted and it’s her turn to find a home! She’s a very friendly cat looking to go to a busy home, but she does want to…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Wilson
    Meet Wilson, a four-year-old, 55 lb. pit/lab with the most infectious smile and soulful eyes. He came to a Georgia shelter as a stray in December of 2021, where he then became their longest resident after waiting 168 days to be rescued. Now he is safe and being spoiled in his foster home in Connecticut…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Curvy!
    Sweet, confident, curious—that’s Curvy! This beautiful 4-year-old girl is at the Connecticut Humane Society and looking for her new home. She is always happy to receive affection, and even comes if you call her! (Well, most of the time!) She may even roll over for you! She was found outside and is relieved to be…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Leo!
    🍀🍀🍀 “L” is for Leprechaun but it is also for “Leo the Long-timer!!!” 🍀🍀🍀 Leo is one of our dogs who has been waiting for a home for TOO LONG! Over a year in fact! He is hoping for a little Luck O’ the Irish 🍀 to come his way to help him find his…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Rocky
    Meet Rocky, a dog who was truly given a second chance at life. This beautiful one-year-old pit/boxer mix was seized by animal control after being found extremely emaciated and weighing in at only 30 lbs. Since he was rescued, Rocky is now weighing a healthy 55 lbs. and is ready for his new beginning! Despite…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Dewey!
    Dewey is sweet, but nervous, he has never shown aggression, his only behavior is when he gets pushed socially, he starts biting the leash which off puts a lot of people. So for Dewey, if everyone just ignore him, let him sniff them, and then I give his treats to the people who will interact…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Phineas & Ferb!
    You know Phineas and Ferb from their TV show? Well now they’re up for adoption! Sort of…it’s Phineas and Ferb from the Connecticut Humane Society! These two Guinea pig brothers are looking for a home together. They’re just 3 months old, but already chunky potatoes. They are working on their socialization skills with people, but…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Pet Pals – Meet Kilo!
    Are you looking for a well-trained boy who loves kids? If so, Kilo just might be your guy!!! 🐾 Age approx. 7 but acts younger. He does not seem as though he’s anywhere near being a senior! He’s full of life and very playful! 🐾 80-85 pounds! 🐾 Loves toys/playing tug! 🐾 Kilo was definitely…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Earth Animal Pet Pals – Meet Peanut & Katie!
    Katie and Peanut are two peas in a pod…er, in a pigloo. These two Guinea pig girls are a bonded pair at the Connecticut Humane Society and looking for a home together. Katie, who is fluffier and larger, is 2 years old, and her buddy Peanut is 3 years old. They love hanging out in…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Earth Animal Pet Pals – Meet Gatsby!
    Gatsby is a handsome 4 year old collie mix who is looking for a family to settle down.He is a social and amiable guy who is pleased to make your acquaintance.Gatsby has plenty of energy for long walks, social time in the park and weekend exploration. He is also content to settle at the end…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Earth Animal Pet Pals – Meet Belle!
    Meet Belle, the 3-legged princess! Belle is vaccinated, chipped, and had X-rays, blood work and close evaluation- she is a very healthy spayed 8yo 38lb beagle lab mix! Belle had a large mass effecting her left hind leg that required amputation- which was performed along with her spay. Her new 3-legged status has gone very…Continue Reading
  • Raven’s Earth Animal Pet Pals – Meet Zorro!
    Zorro is looking for his person and being one of the longest residents at the shelter, he can’t wait to find his furever home! He is a 70 lb., four-year-old shepherd mix – we actually had him DNA tested and his results were quite interesting! Surprisingly, Zorro is 25% German Shepherd, 25% Catahoula Leopard, 25%…Continue Reading