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The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday May 28th

Anna expresses excitement because she learned Disney is planning to reopen soon. Can you guess how quick she’d like to book a trip? (0:00) On Facebook we asked you to ask your mother about her celebrity crush. Here are some of those answers! We also hear from Ravens mother about her celebrity crush. (3:47) Anna…Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday May 27th

The pandemic may take away a staple of American restaurants. For Raven this means war! (0:00) Is your child a picky eater? Here are a few things to do to (hopefully) help open their pallet more! (2:24) Kelly Ripa lied and Anna is not a happy camper about it. Should she be as upset as…Continue Reading

The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday May 26th

Some people consider this a sign of cheating. What do you think? (0:00) Psychologist Joe Schippa tells us about if and how this pandemic affects children. (2:47) Throwing money around & driving terribly. Anna & raven tell us all we need to know about that! (6:02) Hear people react to others without masks in public,…Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Friday Podcast

Say ‘Goodbye’ to this item! Anna & Raven talk about the last time they used this (now) discontinued product! (0:00) Lori Loughlin & husband Mossimo Giannulli get sentenced for their college admission scandal. What kind of punishment are they looking at? (3:06) All we need to know about this person based off what Anna told…Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Thursday Podcast

Auction time! What kind of things do Anna & Raven buy at auctions? An some of our listeners let us know what they have bought! Would you have spent this kind of money on these items!? (0:00) People are split down the middle when it comes to reopening these places, but is it worth protesting?…Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Wednesday Podcast

Why were four coaches from the University of Kentucky fired? (0:00) Anna isn’t thrilled with this pizza and considers it false advertisement. (3:57) Anna & Raven discuss “work spouses” and we hear how their significant others feel about their work relationship. (6:59) All we needed to know about this listener is how and what they…Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Tuesday Podcast

The things you see in peoples houses on a Zoom call, and are these rooms strange? (0:00) Anna & Raven share their place of Zen within their homes & listeners unconventional rooms. (2:48) What’s that strange room in your house!? Plus, a listener shares a VERY different room she ran into while looking for a…Continue Reading