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Ravens Report Card

Raven’s wife Alicia wasn’t allowed to eat for 36 hours this week because of a medical procedure. Was Raven kind and understanding, and suffer alongside his wife? Or did he eat tons of greasy food right in front of her?  Find out in Raven’s Report Card!Continue Reading


Your “Go To” Picture Pose

Taking pictures can be pretty awkward! How do you stand? Should you smile? Are you dressed well enough for a photo? Anna & Raven show you their “go to” picture pose, and even mimic each others!Continue Reading


Infomercial Products

Anna tests out the mask bracket! A nifty little device that goes under your mask and makes breathing easier while exercising, allows you to speak more clearly, prevents “maskne” and more! Does it work though?Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Bad Interview, Puzzles, Donut Debacle

Tuesday Jan 12th, 2021   Did you know that it’s National Pizza Week?  Anna saw that Pineapple and Ham pizza was one of the most popular toppings of 2020, but wait until you hear what is coming in 2021!  Find out this year’s must-try pizza toppings in the podcast!   Are you good at putting…Continue Reading


What’s Your Monthly Splurge?

Do you have a monthly splurge? Something expensive and unnecessary, but just makes you feel good? You won’t believe what Anna has been doing to her eyebrows every month! Find out what it is in the podcast.Continue Reading


Raven’s Manicure

Raven told us on air that he gets manicures and pedicures done, and he is overdue for them! Can Anna (safely) trim his cuticles?!Continue Reading

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