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The Anna & Raven Show: Helping You Through the Storm Clean up!

Friday August 7th, 2020 Generator keeping your neighbors awake? (0:00) A reenactment from the Nextdoor App. By Anna & Raven (3:42) Scams going on right now! (7:27) All I need to know about you (10:40) Best storm scene in a movie (15:11) What to do when a neighbors tree causes destruction to your property (19:32)…Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Still Recovering!

Thursday August 6th, 2020 Recovering from the big storm (0:00) Do you celebrate your animal’s birthday? (3:16) The New York & Connecticut Governor’s aren’t happy about the response time from electric companies (6:18) All I need to know about you (9:10) Does your home owners insurance cover food lost? (12:54) Punishing your child (16:33) A…Continue Reading

Anna Raven Picture

A Social Media Experiment

We have all heard that our devices listen to our conversations and may base ads of what we talk about or mention. We wanted to put that idea to the test in our own social media experiment!Continue Reading

Tree Crumpled Across Road

The Anna & Raven Show: After the Storm

Wednesday August 5th, 2020 *Due to the storm that passed through, we only had limited power and primarily focused on the aftermath of the storm and the cleanup. We will return tomorrow with the regularly scheduled programming. Thank you for your understanding!* It isn’t a normal morning due to the storm. (0:00) Anna’s mother is…Continue Reading

Storm in the coast of Florida

Power Problems

With a big storm, power outages can certainly follow! Anna & raven share the ONE item they would keep power going to if such a situation arises.Continue Reading