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Can’t Stump Raven!

It’s hard to take Raven down in Can’t Beat Raven. Just when we think we can stump him, we learn dearly we are wrong! Would you have gotten all five of these questions right?!Continue Reading

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The Anna & Raven Show: Wildlife Creations, Hiding Food And Animal Attacks

Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 Hiding food from people in your house (0:00) Anna & Paul’s wildlife creations (7:01) All I need to know about you (12:27) Sheeran-Town? (14:31) When animals attack (18:44) Bullies (22:57) Couples Court: Quinton would like his girlfriend, Christine, to stop posting so many political social media posts. Even his boss made…Continue Reading


Take Notes…

Learning what a “Tripple Crown “is, what game show Raven tried out for and much more! We love giving away money during Can’t Beat Raven, but we also love educating you!Continue Reading

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Fan Question!

It’s a dream for some people to have there kids follow in there footsteps. But what about Anna & Raven?Continue Reading


Can’t Beat Raven!

We gave Ravens brain a week off, and we returned today with Can’t Beat Raven. Not only do you have a chance to win cash, but you also get a chance to learn something new!Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: The Cool House, Strange Rooms And Moms Crush

Wednesday August 26th, 2020 What made your house the cool house? (0:00) What Raven should have done (3:24) All I need to know about you (9:27) Who was your mother’s celebrity crush? (12:44) Alarm music (19:09) That strange room in your house (22:16) Couples Court: Bailey is pregnant with their first child and won’t be…Continue Reading