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Time To Redecorate!

Covid threw a wrench in our operation, as we wanted to redecorate the studio this year. Instead we get to stare at these old posters and reflect on a time where we were all a whole lot younger!Continue Reading

Young Woman Relaxing In Bath With Candles


What’s your opinion on taking baths? Anna & Raven let you know what they think about them!… Image Source: Getty ImagesContinue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Baths, Stocking Stuffers, Rude People

What did you do this weekend that you didn’t get credit for?  Anna’s husband did something really thoughtful, and she didn’t thank him for it.  To be fair though, he might have also accidentally invited evil spirits into the house.  Find out what he did in the podcast! (00:00)   Alex Trebek passed away over…Continue Reading

I vote today stickers roll, in US elections on American flag.

The Anna & Raven Show: Election Day or Election Week?

Thursday November 5th, 2020 There was no way this election was gonna go happen without controversy, and the latest is Sharpie Gate!  People in Arizona are protesting that their ballots weren’t counted because they were given a sharpie to vote with, instead of a pen.  Crazy conspiracy, or do they have a “point”.  Get it?…Continue Reading


Jennifer & Crew VS Raven

The jackpot is the highest it has ever been and continues to climb with every victory from Raven! Check out today’s close game and let us know if you would have gotten all five of these pop culture questions right!Continue Reading


The Anna & Raven Show: Election Updates and Jobs Not Worth It

Wednesday November 4th, 2020 Did all this political drama lead to relationship drama?  Are you and your partner on opposite sides of the political spectrum?  Anna and Raven talk about how they navigate their relationships in a politically divided world.  Could you make it work the way that Anna and her husband do? (00:00) Yesterday we voted for…Continue Reading

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